In an attempt to raise liquidity for institutional crypto investors, the main cryptocurrency exchange company Bitfinex, the sister company of stablecoin issuing company Tether (USDT), says it has raised a multimillion-dollar crypto hedge fund called Fulgur Alpha.

The exchange press release says the Bahamas-based Fulgur Alpha is a $ 280 million “absolute pay-per-view crypto hedge fund”, meaning that it is designed using a variety of strategies to generate a stable income, regardless of what the market is doing.

However, the fund is only available to professional investors, says Bitfinex, and aims to increase the size of assets under management for the current year. Fulgur Alpha’s assets are owned by Delchin Limited, a licensed trustee, banking, capital markets provider and start-up digital asset consulting company, with its regulatory aspects of the Bahamas-based fund administrator and Deltec International Group Division, called Deltec Fund Services.
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“A key aspect of this listing is that the fund trades almost exclusively on Bitfinex,” said Paolo Ardino, chief technology officer at Bitfinex, saying that “[Bitfinex] has the most liquidity books.”

However, according to the EurekaHedd Cryptocurrency Currency Index, crypto hedge funds returned -1.31% in February, + 19.38% in January and 8.95% in January. Their historical monthly results chart, from 2013, shows that January growth was the largest since May 2019, with the February decline being the smallest so far, the lowest since the hedge fund database provider EurekaHedg.

Speaking of hedge funds, as of late February, the New York hedge fund Fortress Investment Group has allocated $ 1,300 to Bitcoin because it seems to buy creditor claims from the mountain. Gox, the cryptocurrency exchange that crashed in 2014, is owned by thousands of BTC users.


The main five parts of the plane

We tend to think of planes as single units without interruption. In fact, there are five major parts of the plane that can be viewed separately. These can be found on almost any model of aircraft there.
The most obvious feature to start with is the wing. Responsible for catching the plane, as the majority of the fuel is stored during flights. Without the wing, you’ll have a missile instead. The wings are absolutely essential for the type of flight.
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The wing is not much good unless the vehicle is pushed forward. To this end, the second major component will be the engine. These are high-performance gas burners for the most part, and the need to operate them at high production levels for long periods of time means that they aim to enhance energy reliability.
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The tail section is very important. Much stability and maneuverability comes from the surfaces of the tail. Without a tail, it becomes impossible to maneuver the plane in the air and run the risk of collapse.
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The main body of the plane is called the fuselage. This is where the passengers and cargo are placed. The fuselage contains the cabin and cockpit, and depending on the complexity of the plane, the climate can be controlled and controlled for the comfort of the people who are inside.
These are the main elements of the plane. With the wing, tail, engine and fuselage in place, you have almost all the bits that make your own functional plane. Now let’s think about how you are going to this thing, because you might want to do it at some point.
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Landing gear is very important. Sure, you can move a plane in a lane on its stomach, but you really won’t make any friends do that. Airports may hate it when that happens. So does the FAA. Be polite and think about their feelings. A good set of landing gear will allow you to take off and land without the huge scars in the runway.
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This is the basic information about configuring the plane. There are five main parts of a plane, and those are. The wing holds the device up high and carries fuel for the engine. The tail and the fuselage describe the main body of the vehicle and carry cargo or passengers. Landing gear, the last major component, is deployed as the plane prepares to reach a helipad.
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Skis is friendly

The fear of getting on a plane today is a good basis. In practical terms, everyone associates the fear of flying with a critical feeling that the plane is already crashing. They might have a valid point, because now, most commercial airlines have canceled two engines on their planes. This, in order to reduce fuel costs, could endanger passengers’ safety. A notable example occurred in January of 2009 when a commercial plane with only two engines closed during boarding forced the plane to land a miracle in the Hudson River.
If there were four engines installed, the level of decibels would be high enough to frighten the birds and other faults so that what happened to those engines would not happen. Only with the skill and knowledge of the pilot and crew was a tragedy announced.
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This is just a prime example of how the commercial aviation industry is cutting costs rather than public safety. Today, with the ever increasing demand to keep fixed profit margins, and the constant threat of terrorism, commercial airlines and the government have put in place protocols, procedures, rules, regulations and mandates that the general public is now finding extremely scary and frightening when the time comes for book, board, and travel through the air.
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In addition to this dilemma faced by the aviation industry, the number of obese individuals is increasing so that the passenger plane’s seats of natural size are too small to accommodate these passengers. This is because airlines have constantly renewed commercial aircraft to include more passenger seats. Another trick to increase revenue while reducing passenger safety and comfort. Some airlines have recently started the process of replacing their old aircraft with a long history. Most airlines continue to use aircraft older than 20 years. This should be a major safety concern.
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Gone are the days when airlines handled all their passengers as guests on a luxury ship on the ocean; friendship and service were the perfect crew. Many friends such as food and drinks as well as your luggage are included in the purchase price of your ticket. What happened in the past thirty years is the complete elimination of the types of services that have made air travel like this. It has been replaced by the bare bone service one would expect when traveling with a crowded subway car at rush hour. Some airlines go so far as to shatter any hope that air travel will once again bring pleasure to passenger service.
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They are now applying vertical seats {new term} as travelers now book tickets as a permanent room only. This means that some airlines are now making profits to higher levels before passenger safety and welfare. Imagine a subway car so crowded people strapped like sardines in a can. Just thinking about traveling this way cannot be controlled. Sad to say, this is a fact that has progressed in some commercial airlines today.
Anytime you flagrantly place financial gains ahead of safety, this industry incurs greater financial losses and respect for the general public. Does BP and the oil disaster in the Gulf look familiar? What the commercial airlines inadvertently did through all these additional fees, and the continued use of outdated aircraft, the lack of amenities and the high cost of tickets, makes the commercial airline industry unable to be a major contributor to the economic expansion that is considered Critical to the economic recovery of the United States.
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To understand the fear of flying in today’s world, one must realize that with the constant threat of terrorism [a real prominent threat to anyone traveling regardless of private means of transportation], the new rules, procedures, and regulations in place help make us safer. It also helps deter those individuals who intend to cause destruction and harm to the public. Many still view these new protocols as intrusive and in violation of our social freedoms. A very sad comment for the world we live in today.
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What the commercial aviation industry should do is simplify all of these new regulations on boarding and restore the position of resting passengers’ comfort and safety before profit. This old saying in business “give the public what they want at the price they can afford, repeat the business and affirm.” This same philosophy must apply to the commercial aviation industry. Even with today’s security measures in place, fear of flying may be reduced and more and more individuals will experience a new sense of happiness and safety when traveling by air.


Charter a plane – the top 5 benefits

The benefits of renting a plane greatly outweigh the downsides in most cases. Some people will claim it is expensive, excessive, or unnecessary. But I hope that the information and ideas suggested in this article will explain to you why this is really necessary!
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The benefits of renting a plane include things like privacy, security, comfort and flexibility. Let’s look at a few of these closely.


There are no children screaming, coughing and penetrating the neighbors, frankly happy people who leave on vacation with their friends and speak very loudly. Don’t rush to your seat and get up to others if you’re lucky enough to end up in a hallway, and no old lady next to you pumps the elbow room.
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But most importantly for business users or others who wish to have a conversation without interruption without fear that they will hear your voice, you are free to discuss business or some ideas with your important personality without any embarrassing ramifications. Sensitive business can be discussed without fear of leaks or hearing competitors and without fear of everyone hearing a variety of sensitive company information. In some industries – this is a serious consideration that can make travel time a waste of time as far as work goes.
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Stately. luxury

A private charter flight can be an example of luxury and luxury. Think of commercial flights as a run for a windmill taxi and a private chartered jet as a luxury limousine. Some are more luxurious than limo! Believe it or not (this requires some belief, I granted you!) But it is quite possible to find things like living suites, gyms, spa and sauna, full double bedrooms and other things that dirty love like pamper yourself with building more and more private jets every day.
Granted, they should be integrated into large aircraft instead of small to medium-sized aircraft but for some – buying the 747 and putting it to its specifications is not a problem at all.
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I have to say – I’m not likely to see one of those inside, and I can’t extend to leasing one of these planes.


Not only can you avoid the hassle of borders when traveling internationally, you can also hire a private plane without notice. It is not known that the planes are available for rent within an hour. (The special cases here refer to you – don’t depend on this response speed as a rule or doable in every case!)
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Private jet charter services do not tend to own a complete fleet – they, like everyone else, arrange a plane for you from a company or the owner of “N N Other”. They act as a middle man between you and the owner, subject to your arrangements and requirements. It gives you the flexibility that you would not normally enjoy when it comes to chartering a plane.

This is part of the beauty of flying on a private plane – it can free you from dependence on travel agencies and commercial airlines. Not to mention that you will avoid those long, long, and difficult lines to ride, and those little additions that we have to tolerate now, things like taking off your shoes, checking your bags on a large scale, and not being able to take a drink bottle through protection. (I seriously took it upon myself – how much did the percentage of stores on the other side of safety rise to the price when this rule came into effect!?) Private aviation can free you from all these little annoyances. Hell, roam a chartered plane with Jack Daniels and coke in your hand and see if anyone says anything – regardless of the suggestion to put it while trying to put your seatbelt!


Private flying is not just about getting to your destination. It is also mainly related to enjoying your travel experience and the convenience of a trip. I’m going to give you a promise here and now – the first time you bite you shot and decide to hire a private plane is going to be an unforgettable trip for you, something that you’ll think about again with great memories as well as talking about often! He just makes fun of traveling again!

One-on-one service, comfortable seats with leg, knee and elbow, quiet and calm environment and not waiting for anything you want (regardless of this set-up time!). Comfort and luxury.


One of the great benefits of leasing a plane is the impression you can make on others.

Not only can you convince customers, you can also pamper employees and give them the motivation to work with all the difficulty for you. You can highlight yourself as different from customers, and build closer relationships by inviting them on a special planned overseas business trip with you.

It’s just an excellent way to travel, and given the option why would you want to fly in this commercial taxi when you can fly in this luxurious limousine instead?


The pros and cons of air travel

There are already many modes of transportation in today’s very modern world. Airplanes, ships, motorcycles, cars and trains, just name it, and they are all easily available for your use. The development of these transport vehicles started a long time ago and you can only imagine how creative these creators could be, because they were able to create a very useful invention.
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As you all know, cars and other vehicles from the past are very old and valuable. People especially the rich people love to collect antique cars due to their uniqueness, great design and because of the prestige one has when owning.
Another great creation that you can see all now is the different planes. Certainly, everyone dreams of being able to fly and reach the sky. The inventors of planes and other planes must dream of being able to fly and that’s why they made a machine that made their dreams come true.
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Airplanes are one of the most desirable means of transportation by many individuals. why? Because it has the ability to travel and reach the desired destination at a rapid pace. Professionals use planes as their means of transportation when they want to rush. Airlines seats are limited and that is why the need to reserve a ticket weeks or days before the date of departure is required is a must. This could be an individual problem if you want to get to the destination quickly and easily, then air travel is the right decision to make.
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Air travel has advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know the various advantages and disadvantages of the goods and services we buy in this way, we will be able to make a decision carefully so as not to waste our money.
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One advantage of air travel is convenience. The travel speed makes it very convenient for many individuals who are in a hurry. It can take you to other countries at a fast pace without exercising too much. The speed is the same as when using taser to discourage attacker. Very fast and convenient. Book a flight is easily made via a phone call or through the World Wide Web. Convenience is another advantage. Airlines ensure passenger comfort, especially when it comes to seats, entertainment and the temperature that you will feel sitting in your living room.

You are also sure of your safety as well. When you think about it, plane crashes are less compared to cars and trains. Another thing is that pilots and other flight crew and staff are not permitted to fly on the plane when the weather is not good or when the aircraft needs to have a maintenance check.

Among the disadvantages is that tickets are expensive. This is why booking for an important trip. You can easily buy tickets at online ticket stores. Buying tickets is the same when buying taser online. Full ID is required to make the deal fast. Air travel is also not suitable for people who are afraid to fly. But the only way to overcome their fear is to expose themselves to the fear itself.

Airlines and airports have already become strict as of this point. They do their best to protect passengers from any harm or danger. It is really up to the individual with regard to any mode of transportation he will benefit from as long as he reaches the desired destination safe and free from harm.


Advantages and disadvantages of flying in a plane

Air travel is one of the fastest way to travel on our planet. You can move from point A to point B faster than all other modes of transportation. For example, when traveling to the same destination, the ship can take months while the plane takes hours. Speed ​​is clearly the first advantage of flying in an air plane. There are other advantages as well.
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Commercial airliners are often more comfortable to ride away. There may be occasional disturbances while traveling on an air plane. But this is nothing compared to the way a ship will cruise in rough seas. Some people suffer from air sickness but this is very rare.
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The temperatures are kept to a comfortable level, and entertainment may be available. You can choose to listen to some soft music, watch video clips, or even play Nintendo games on a plane. The comfort level also depends on the type of seat from which you purchased the tickets.
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If you have a little more budget, you may want to buy a business class ticket. This is your ticket for a seat that provides more legroom and personal space. Attentive air supervisors or hostesses also come to you. If you need anything at all (like blankets, food, wine, etc.), just place an order and the items will be sent to you without leaving your seat.
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Besides convenience, if you choose to travel by air, you can also enjoy greater comfort.

Ease or comfort

Air travel is more convenient, especially when you are in a hurry. You can easily book airline tickets from your favorite travel agency just by making a phone call. Your travel agency will advise you on the next available flight, and you can immediately decide whether or not to make a reservation.

Many airlines serve several major airports. So unless it’s high season, you should be able to book tickets for the dates you want.

In addition, most international airports are equipped with comprehensive facilities to meet the different needs of travelers. For example, you should be able to easily locate car rental services at most major airports. These services provide additional convenience.

Perhaps the only major drawback to air travel is the price of the ticket. The price of the ticket depends on your choice of airline, seat category and destination. Larger and larger airlines tend to charge more compared to smaller airlines. Business class seats are more luxurious, so they cost more than economy class seats. Of course, the more you travel, the more you may have to pay.

Despite the high prices, many still choose to travel by air because of the speed, comfort and convenience of air travel. Traveling by air saves a lot of time. Besides, many budget airlines offer airline tickets at very reasonable prices. This makes air travel a more attractive way to transport.


How to walk away from all your crossed landings

I was recently asked about the possibility of an air strike upon landing in a typical light plane such as a Cherokee or a Cessna 172 plane. Specifically, I was asked how far the Genie Control can deviate without hitting the tarmac when one or both runways collide The main landing gear is on the runway after landing at the nearby stall speed.

I will admit that I have never tried to reach the amphitheater with my wing tip and don't know anyone with it. However, it can definitely be done. Perhaps the best question is: What landing technique will ensure that the wingtip does not press the runway?

I want to talk about landing techniques in a really strong opposite direction before I address the issue of wingtips. After all, wingtop strikes are not considered a credible problem except in intersecting winds that approach the restrictions of an intersecting plane.

To make a controlled cross landing, you must master the plane's steering skill in the same direction that you move over the ground. If the plane is pointing in another direction when landing, the best that you can hope for is sudden side forces on your landing gear followed by a letter while the plane swings in the right direction. The worst is loss of directional control followed by a flight off the side of the runway, a possible ground loop, a nose, a vertical stroke, or all of the above.

Directing the plane toward it is the most important landing skill. It is not as easy as it seems. And it definitely requires practice before being able to master it. In short, here's how to do it:

Steer the plane in the direction you flip through the nose with your rudder pedals alone. Move the plane from side to side by changing the angle of your bank with ailerons. Control the speed or height above the runway by changing your position on the field with your elevator. This allows you to keep your wheels shown in the direction that the plane is moving and to keep your plane directly above the middle of the runway. This is exactly where it should be when landing.

When landing in a crossed direction, you can touch the runway while controlling it. This is a stable condition. Your plane does not turn around its long axis. This means that it has a fixed angle from the bank. In general flying, light production aircraft, you cannot cross enough control to touch the wing tip.

The best method is to try to keep the main wheel to land off the runway for as long as possible after it lands on the rear wheel. To hold the wind direction, you must constantly increase the deflection of the airfoil until it reaches the maximum. Ultimately, as the plane continues to slow down, the ailerons lose power and the other main wheel will rest on the runway.

Finally in any well-executed crossover landing, the airfoil control will be pushed to the limit. An important point here is that, like any other aspect of good flying, you have to move your controls smoothly and in order to change the position of the plane. A snap roll is the only case in which the controls are intentionally moved.

Now, go back to the topic: How do you hit the wingtip? I can think of two ways.

Suppose you suddenly and violent slapped the control in the airfoil until the end. Two things will happen: the plane will not be properly controlled, and it will start to roll. Now you can hit the top of the wing. In other words, I had just spoiled a very good crossover drop. I had put the plane in a very difficult position, a situation that would require a very skilled pilot to save. I do not recommend it.

The most likely situation is that you land a wings plane in a strong cross direction. This is to say, not by controlling it. Here, the plane was suspended in the wind and the wheels were not aligned with the plane's path above the ground. Since the plane is not aligned to its trajectory through space, the wheels will generate very powerful side roads that are imposed on the undercarriage when it touches the aisle. Unfortunately, this results in a side slide. Just like in a car, if the wheels are far enough apart, the plane glides until it stops or straightens. If the distance is not far enough apart, then you are unlucky. Roll the plane, hit the ground with the tip of the wing.

The lesson here is: use the right crosswind techniques and you won't need to worry about wingtip strokes.


Smart Airports – Make Every Flight Better Than Before

In this era of globalization, every business is big or small. It revolves around consumer demand. The introduction to smart airports is testament to the fact that the aviation industry is no different. With continuous research and development activities to advance technology in every sector, consumer needs are also increasing. There is a significant rise in business travel. Increased affordability of air travel due to handsome disposable income and cost-effective aviation services add to this trend. To meet the increasing demand, every business must have a suitable business model designed to cover the maximum requirements.

Ten years ago, buses and trains were the most popular mode of transportation for long-distance travel, either buses or trains. At that time, the number of passengers traveling on the plane was much lower due to the expensive tickets and a limited number of airports. While now the priorities for travelers choose to travel for long distances completely. The number of travelers choosing to travel by air on trains and roads is increasing every day. All the credit goes to the airport authorities, who focus deeply on the ever-changing demand of consumers and upgrade airport services in a timely manner accordingly.

The most modern smart airport technologies

There are many examples of technologies that are sufficient to turn any airport into a smart airport and provide sophisticated services for travelers.

Site technology

Worldwide, technologies like radio frequency identification and Bluetooth signals are used at airports, sports fields, museums, and even retail stores. These technologies can allow users to locate and get directions to a specific section within that location. This determines radio frequencies based on the wireless transmission of data in the electromagnetic fields to determine the signs that are associated with different objects. For example, Dubai International Airport uses this technology to track luggage for different airlines. It can help airlines track their luggage from check-in to landing. The use of this smart technology at airports can significantly reduce the number of complaints about lost baggage.

Security cameras that support IP

Security is always a major concern at any airport, as it is always crowded with passengers traveling from around the world. To maintain a high level of airport security in all aspects, it is essential that airports are equipped with all kinds of smart gadgets available. One of those tools is security cameras that support IP. These cameras are wired or wireless connected to the internet and to provide real-time monitoring to anywhere around the world using smart Internet-compatible devices such as mobile phones and TV screens. The real-time monitoring facility can support airport security personnel to locate suspects behind terrorist activities and maintain peace. IP cameras with smart technologies like facial recognition software and video analytics can use algorithms and facial recognition to identify and record illegal activity. Almost every smart airport uses the latest technology cameras for security reasons due to its cost-effectiveness and scalability.


Another pure example of smart technologies being implemented at airports to speed up operations is biometrics. This technology uses physical features such as fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, voice recognition and IRIS scanning to quickly identify passengers while boarding and canceling boarding at airports. This is how it can reduce the passenger screening process by eliminating long waiting lists and identifying criminal suspects if any. Biometric devices use pre-loaded databases of known criminals around the world and their compatibility with the vital details of each passenger examined to determine any violations. For example, Air Asia recently launched the vital boarding system at Sinai International Airport to check passengers to and from Macau and Bangkok. Passengers need to place their passports in an automated office, who can scan their faces to create personal files. From there, travelers can speed up their rides with face sweeps.

Online site identification

As the name implies, travelers who travel by plane can choose the online check-in service to avoid long queues at airports. This smart service is best for handbag travelers only, as they can go straight to security check-in and save time. However, passengers with check-in baggage can go directly to the baggage loading point before proceeding to the security check. Additionally, passengers can mark their presence on the plane and print their boarding passes with the specified seats. Moreover, one can also mention the details regarding the meals and the amount of luggage.

Wi-Fi network

Due to the fact that the internet is one of the main requirements for any smartphone user, most airports provide Wi-Fi for travelers. There is strong jamming in airports due to security reasons, travelers should face network problems. As a result, many travelers find it difficult to communicate over the phone and use their laptops without internet for work purposes. To solve this problem, most airports around the world provide Wi-Fi.

Shuttle service

At international airports with more than one station, it is sometimes difficult for travelers to travel within the airport. To solve this problem, most airports offer shuttle services at a nominal rate for passengers who want to travel from one station to another. It can help passengers save time and energy. For example, Delhi International Airport provides a shuttle service through Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 for needy travelers. The service is likely to be free for passengers who have connected flights. All they need is to show their ticket to the shuttle's shuttle for their next flight and travel for free. Others may need to pay a small fee to use the service.

Multi-level parking

For frequent and local travelers, parking their airports is a major concern due to the increasing number of travelers. Thanks to the multi-level parking facility, which is being adopted by the airports facing the rush, consumers can easily find places for their cars. Entry barriers to parking are equipped with radars that can determine your vehicle and altitude automatically on authentication. For example, Manchester Airport provides a multi-storey stop for travelers to park their cars before boarding their flights. Parking is easy to use so travelers can park their cars, unload their luggage and head towards check-in.


For travelers who have tried enough to walk through the airport and those who are physically handicapped to walk freely, trails are the best option. It is a belt conveyor horizontally across the airport area to help passengers easily reach the boarding gate. Although it was first installed at Dallas Love Field Station in 1958, many companies have come up with an upgraded version of the lanes since then. For example, Thyssenkrupp recently developed a high-speed, high-speed passage called ACCEL based on maglev technology. It can start at a normal walking speed and then speed up to 7.5 mph as soon as the passenger senses it. The movement by which the traveler reaches the other side of this lane, back again from its normal speed.

Smart airport market: what does the future hold?

The increasing population of airports and the increasing number of flights have created the need for innovative technology to address these obstacles. As mentioned above, these technology-based smart devices support travelers by reducing the complexity of the boarding process and making them comfortable.

It is expected that the high demand for airport information in real time due to the increasing burden on the airport workforce will drive the smart airport market. The increased growth of a new airport due to the development in commercial aviation can ignite market growth. Market growth is likely to spur increased adoption of artificial intelligence across airports as well as the continued technological development of gadgets.

Integrating smart technologies into all types of airports can be difficult for airport employees and can hinder market growth. The high cost of installing these technologies coupled with a lack of awareness among passengers can hamper market growth.

Some of the leading companies providing smart airport systems and services are Honeywell International Inc. Amadeus IT Group S. IBM. Cisco Systems, Inc.; and Siemens AG. Each of these companies frequently invests in research and development activities to provide advanced products based on innovative technologies for consumer use. (Give a few examples of innovations and product development)


Given the increased focus of airport authorities on consumer demand, it is clear that the future will surely surprise passengers with more innovative devices for smart airports.


Cessna 182 Skylin – the basic light plane

Cessna 182 Skylane by many is considered the best light aircraft. Although it was not produced with the same numbers as its younger cousin Cessna 172, and without identifying the name among the general population as the cub, Skylane is at the high end of what is practical for your daily pilot.

Cessna 182 was introduced in 1956 as a three-wheel option from 180. In 1957, the alternative 182A was introduced with the name Skylane. Subsequent models added more powerful engines and bigger windows.

Located in the Cessna lineup between 172 and 206/210, at 182 it is at the end of what can be considered a simple aircraft. Although the 182 fan has controllable fans, they are not compressed and most of them are designed with fixed landing gear and non-charged motors. You therefore have a relatively simple maintenance of 172, and additional performance of an additional 80 hp, but only a few additional gallons of fuel flow on a cruise.

182 is heavier and has a stiffer feel than 172, and it is widely considered a very good aircraft for flying tool because of its stability. The latest models with the glass cockpit G1000 and GFC 700 autopilot are a true example of the power and sophistication of a light aircraft.

Cessna 182 has four seats. However, like most small planes, you will only see them complete for short domestic flights. For long haul, extra fuel and baggage potential means that one or more seats will likely be empty. What you lose in the people you gain is definitely in range and endurance. Later in the year 182, it could carry 88 gallons of fuel, enough to stay high for six hours, which exceeds the passenger's carrying capacity if not the plane.

Based on price, simplicity, ease of use, durability and performance, Skylane has earned itself as one of the most well-known and respected light aircraft.


Is the plane a plane or vice versa? The importance of appropriate terms

Word game

Much of the ATM material passes by our hands, and is usually checked with a view to ensuring quality content and terminology consistency. A worrying trend is becoming clearer over time. The documents show a deterioration in the quality level with regard to the use of terms.

Why is this a problem? Unless they are aware of this issue, the authors of these documents may not be particularly disturbed by the fact that they use the terms aircraft, plane or plane interchangeably in their text, and they may also feel that the varied use of words reflects better writing style. But in technical documents, the terms used must have their precise definition, and it is not enough to find a specific word in Webster's dictionary.

Let's take a look at these three words: plane, plane, and plane. They are all English words and they all mean something that flies. very right. But there are many things that "fly", from hot air balloons to helicopters, depending on how "flying" is defined, even hovercraft. How do we know exactly what the specific text refers to if it is not clear from the context?

If you see a piece of text saying "A flashing white light should be displayed on all airplanes" then another message appears saying "Flashing white light should be displayed on all airplanes" and you own a helicopter, a glider and a hot air balloon, which one you will need to equip on The basis of the first condition? And the second?

Although I assume you know the answer without the following explanation, it is still interesting to look at these terms in more detail.

First of all, we have to say the word "airplane", at least in the international context. Aircraft and aircraft are identified only by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

A plane is any machine that can obtain support in the air from the air reaction other than air reactions on the surface of the Earth.

The plane is a heavier than air powered plane, and its plane in flight derives mainly from aerodynamic reactions on surfaces that remain constant under certain flight conditions.

So what do these definitions tell us? Hovercraft are not a plane (air reactions against the surface of the Earth) and a glider is not a plane (powered) but a plane. A balloon is a plane but it is not a plane … and so on.

As you can see, the expression of requirements and the appropriateness of the required infrastructure and services need to use the terms correctly, otherwise things get quickly mysterious, leading to misunderstanding and endless discussions.

We used the terms aircraft and plane (the subject of the most common mistakes) as examples but there are dozens of other terms that, if used incorrectly or inconsistently, can lead to serious comprehension problems.

Some simple rules can help

The proper use of terms is not rocket science. Needs good knowledge of the subject and a little discipline. Here are some simple rules that can help.

If there is an ICAO specific term for something, use it. ICAO has developed definitions of terms used in aviation provisions around the world as follows. Use of terms as defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization provides immediate benefits in terms of consistency with ICAO documents and documents derived from them. These definitions are also consistent with each other.

If there is no definition of ICAO but a definition from another large organization, use it. In some cases, ICAO may lag behind developments and may not have a definition (yet) for a period or the term is not used in ICAO provisions. However, some other organizations have developed a widely accepted or even standardized definition. In such cases, this recognized definition should be used and the source clearly defined. There may be several definitions from different sources … Use the definition that appears to be the most appropriate but use it consistently everywhere.

Create your profile In some cases, you may find that a term that no one has yet provided a definition needs to be understood in a particular way and only in this way. Create your own and use it consistently across your documents. It is also a good idea to try to promote your new definition. If you need to, others may. The wider it will be used, the better for the overall consistency.

When the term has multiple meanings. A great example of this is the air and ground side, two periods divide the airport into two parts, one of which you can call in the public domain and the other is limited to travelers and employees only. The problem is that there are at least two schools of thought in which the dividing line is located between the air side and the ground side. Although the dividing line is always artificial and arbitrary, its actual location makes a difference in the operations that extend across the section. In such cases, feel free to adopt which line dividing position is best for you, however, always clearly define the boundaries between the air side and the ground side (or any other side required by the specific term). There is a clear signal mitigating the negative effects of this type of multiple use.

Be consistent. Perhaps the most important rule is to be consistent. One worse thing than using wrongly defined non-defined terms or terms is using the terms inconsistently across the document. Inconsistent use of technical terms is the surest way to confuse the reader.

What about shortcuts?

Few disciplines in the world are so prolific with the creation of acronyms as aviation. When we talk, users may think we use some sort of secret-code language … and worse, we tend to assume that each of us knows all the abbreviations from every part of the job while in fact CUTE may actually mean nothing For the air traffic controller while ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) may look like a four-letter word to a check-in proxy. To the top managers, who may be coming from the financial world, CUTE or ATIS may not say much unless there is a price against them … so what to do with abbreviations?

Here again, the main rules are: Use acceptable acronyms whenever possible and be consistent at all times. Include the list of abbreviations in all technical documents and consider writing the complete words (followed by acronym) when using them for the first time in the text.

Avoid creating new shortcuts. Of course this is not always possible, if nothing else, there are new working groups, new operations, and new equipment, all of whom yearn for their own names, easy to remember. So, please come up with new shortcuts but try to avoid reusing shortcuts that already have a constant meaning. You may feel that your field is stronger and will eventually put pressure on the other person but believe me, and not paying attention to this will only confuse everyone.

What if you write in your national language?

Whether you write in English or your own language, the guidelines are the same. However, it may not be easily implemented if the terms are not entered into your language at the same level of detail as in English. There may be opportunities to be a leader in enriching the local language with the new terms required … In some cases, trying to impose consistency and new terms on the professional writing scene may not be easy or appreciated by your colleagues. Use arguments and examples similar to those listed above to convince them of the importance of correct use of terms.

SESAR, NextGen and SWIM

Experts in Europe and the United States are busy writing blue print for the next generation of SESAR and NextGen air traffic management systems, respectively. These systems will introduce new concepts, new technologies and new processes, each with specific terms and abbreviations.

Large-scale system information management (SWIM) is something that relies heavily on ideas first put forward in the general IT field, with SWIM applying those things in the context of aviation.

All of the above activities will generate many new documents that must be consistent in all areas, both in terms of old definitions, acronyms and new definitions that will be presented. Their responsibility is great if one considers that SESAR and NextGen documents will for decades define what is called what and what we mean by what.

Mistakes or contradictions and future generations will face inconsistent and disparate terms for a long time to come.

The new documents we see today are cause for concern and show signs of people ignoring the simplest rules for using terms. They should remember that at the end of the day, we will all have to know beyond any doubt whether we need to install this flashing white light on our special flying machine. Only proper and consistent terminology can help in deciding …


Aircraft cleaning for easier in the future – plane washing and debugging

Let's face it, it's hard to get rid of errors at the main edges of the helicopter blades, the edges of the leading aircraft manufacturers and the tail sections of the aircraft. It is the worst nightmare in a jet cleaner to see a plane sit in the sun while all those brave mistakes collide with paint. Yes, in the cups of aircraft cleaners, our nightmares are bugs, bugs and more bugs, and yes, bird strikes from time to time as well, go around everywhere, and that's simply not fun. Now then, a new method and technology is being developed that may serve as a god sent to us by plane washers. So, let's discuss this should we?

There was an interesting article in the NASA Tech Briefs recently (September 2017 release) titled: “Cleaning Aircraft to Make It Easier in the Future – Washing and Correcting Airplanes”, which noted:

"The NASA Langley Research Center, in cooperation with ATK Space Systems, has developed a method to reduce insect adhesion to mineral substrates, polymeric materials, engineering plastics and other surfaces. Modifying this method topography a surface using a laser ablation pattern followed by the chemical modification of this innovation was originally developed to enhance plate flux. By preventing the accumulation of insect residue, but this method provides a permanent solution to any application that requires reducing the adhesion of insects as well as preventing the adhesion of other typical environmental pollutants. "

Although this new technology helps laminar air flow to the wings, blades, aerosols and control surfaces for better aircraft performance, low stall speeds and overall safety, the benefits of AJF employees are gold. This means that we will use fewer chemicals to eliminate the defect, and therefore, we will not reduce the amount of wax that does not need to be bounced off too much. This also means less fat consumed in correcting errors. Hours of work for men (women) mean less profit and less cost, all of which contribute to a more successful airline service company.

When I discussed this with researchers, they never thought about the benefits of aircraft cleaning companies, which surprised me frankly, because it's a big problem. Removing insects also means removing a little paint every time, which ultimately costs the plane’s owner expensive paint or touches on the main edges of all surfaces. My questions to all of this are how difficult is this new method? The researchers assured me that it's just as difficult as the paint surfaces, if not better, than most planes in use now, and maybe even longer.

What other applications would this technology be good for? What about wind turbine blades, or allowing less cleaning frequency, or what lead droplets allow better airflow to reduce wind resistance and that at higher speeds is really important as the drag curve coefficient starts in the vertical direction. Think about this, especially if cleaning up the courage of mistakes is as dangerous as it happens to me.


Use plane simulators and sim sim games to train pilots

Most of us absolutely love the computer that there is not much we can learn and do with these great devices. One of the most unrecognized areas is the ability to use a flight simulator directly from your home.

Many people will spend hours playing games that involve flight simulator simulation, but it raises the question of whether you have to decide to become a leader, will this game be useful for you in your learning? Technology also offers that, is this computer flight simulator. It is made to be as authentic as possible. Indeed, flying schools use simulation programs as part of their training, but their programs are different from the ones we are talking about here.

Most pilots believe that these flight simulators will not be useful to you in your actual training. In fact, some of them feel developing bad habits from them. After all, if you make a mistake in the simulator, it will start over. You may not have this chance in the air. So they may build a false sense of security.

Most likely, there was no controlled study on this topic, so there is no way to prove any theory. Perhaps in this case, it would be wise to use simulators because they are designed for games and entertainment. Keeping it in perspective may not be harmful to your aeronautical studies and advance in appropriate technologies.

This simulation may be useful during ground training to assist your teaching materials. Being able to see something referred to is often better than having to visualize it. A word of warning though flight simulators can become addicted. It seems that people spend hours at a time on them. You don't want to outperform your book and material studies, so judge yourself accordingly if you've decided to use a book.

Another way to gain some insight into the effectiveness of these flight simulators is to make a comparison with the software used in flying schools. Obviously, those obtained from schools are well accepted as the hours you spend on them are allowed in your record book. Compare the two and see what the differences are. You may find answers to any questions you have regarding the harm that computer simulators can do.

One of the things that has been noticed is that using a flight simulator on a computer may not make you a better experience, but being a pilot makes you a premium flight simulator operator. In any case, once you become a pilot if you don't have the opportunity to travel the way you want, a computer flight simulator will go a long way in preserving your interests. The conclusion is trying to determine the answer for you. Maybe you can discuss it with your school. You can even approach the FAA and see what their views are. If they do not agree with flight simulators on the computer, they will tell you why.


I want to travel around the world and get paid

If you can't stand the feeling of riding on a boat or flying high in a plane, you might like the idea of ​​traveling. Maybe there are a few exceptions, but everyone likes to take a vacation, right? It doesn't matter if you like to ski, swim or take a trip to a place you love or have never visited, it is always exciting.

If you can find a way to do this and generate income at the same time, does that matter to you? Thinking of a job that allows you to travel? Almost everyone does, so you can expect competition to be tough when looking for ways to earn while traveling. Earning money while traveling is the ideal job for those who love to travel but unfortunately, they have no money to do so. You can save some money from your business, but in the end you will get tired of saving money and travel. Fortunately, there are ways on how to travel around the world and work. Here are some travel related posts.

Jobs where you can travel the world


When you think of ways on how to travel the world for a living, the flight attendant will take your mind easily. But wait; don't expect too much as the flight operators rarely leave the airport, especially those who are hired on a short flight. If you really hope to experience traveling around the world without spending money (at least not too much) then you should be hired on top airlines that offer long transportation services. But don't be sad because cabin crew also get the travel benefits that allow them to travel with loved ones at reasonable rates.

Teaching English

If you want to experience the local life of a foreign country in a more comprehensive time, teaching English will be the ideal travel-related jobs. Some non-English speaking countries require people who can teach their young students to speak English such as China, Thailand, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries. You will have to work with them for at least 6 months before you can move to other countries where you can teach English. To qualify for this position, you will need to possess a TEFL degree and certification. There are also other countries that require a CELTA certificate.

Cruise ship

You think you can stand in a place surrounded by water for a month, then being a crew member of the cruise ship gives you an answer to the question of how to pay for travel. There are various crews required on a cruise ship such as a therapist, fitness trainer, musician, nursery workers, cleaners, chefs, engineers, and others.


If you really want the jobs you can travel around the world, being an interpreter is the best option. Try to master one or two foreign languages ​​and you will have the opportunity to travel around the world as an interpreter. Choose a widely spoken language like Mandarin and Spanish that allows you to travel to Asian countries and Latin-speaking communities.

Here are just a few ways on how to get a job traveling around the world. Try to find a job in this field and you will be able to please both your career and your hobby.