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Network metrics can offer important insights into the movements of the bitcoin market, and more recent data show that unrealized losses are on the rise. This could lead to a bigger sale, as those who bought the diplomat in late 2018 are afraid of losing profits.

Summary of Bitcoin Salouf
Moving to close at $ 8,000 over the weekend, it was about an 8% slide as the cryptocurrency king resigned for the seventh time since late June. This year’s data is now up to 48%, and analysts say they are not yet complete.

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Chances are Santa’s rallies are slowing, with the property likely to sink in the $ 6 million zone this week. It may not recover for up to six months and a half and may take some time.

The network data was used to analyze the estimated cost base and approximately 45% of investors are red. Chris Ross, CEO of Capital Point-Slope looked at the data and they were not well researched.


The course: The law on the rehabilitation and health


If the consultations on health issues with the & # 39 are legally responsible
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One thing that the Internet is notorious as a & # 39 is the source of hits to our health and well-being.

No matter where we turn, there is someone with a web site that tells us what to do to lose weight, slow aging and treat our illnesses.
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We all do it. We do not feel well, so we enter their symptoms “Google Doctor” and voila, thousands of results tell us that we have everything from the common cold to 6 months. Then we take the results of our physician’s hands and tell him that we have.
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Unfortunately, the health care industry professionals, doctors, therapists, nutritionists and dieticians all day fighting the misinformation provided by the Internet.
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If you are a blogger and have experience of health, you can share this information with the world.
Or you can be a professional who has some education on specific issues related to health, and want to use this information to enhance your online business.

In any case, you should be very careful to follow the rules when it comes to providing information and advice to mass sites about health and health.

Legal responsibility for the provision of services related to health
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So, what are the legal issues for medical counseling and coaching business in the provision of health information on the web site?

In recent years, the Internet was more than a few trials have resulted from sharing on health and diet tips with others.

In a recent trial in North Carolina blogger he has changed his life and had experience in dealing with type 1 diabetes using diet Paleo. He discussed their efforts, and when he succeeded, he took a step forward and began to share plans and modes of supply.
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He eventually began to offer one-on-one session to advise its readers on how to experience it for a fee.

In North Carolina there is a law on the rules, which makes it illegal to exercise dyetyki and power without a license. This blogger was before the & # 39; revealed by the charge of violation of the law, and North Carolina Diet / nutrition now threatens him with jail.

Rules and regulations of governing bodies

When providing information on health and on the Internet, you should ensure that you follow all the rules.

Each governing body has certain rules about what information you can and can not advise the public about their health.

In Canada and the United States have their own federal laws, and then each province and state also have their own separate laws.
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If you are going to provide information, then you should look for these laws depending on where you live and where to work. And to make a step forward, you will need to consider the audience that you are targeting.

If you provide information on its web site related to health, we can properly ask you satisfied with certain personal health situation. Blogger of the trial in North Carolina did everything well, giving his personal experience with the diet Paleo.

His proposals on schemes of physical exercises or to provide his personal diet plans on its website on health and nutrition may be in order with the law, but as soon as he began to consult privately with people and give advice, he could not share personal experiences and got in the sphere of medical expertise in the area where it has not received the legal certification.

Remember that one of the opinions, health-related, or talk about your specific experience, but if you apply for it to be an expert in anything on their website in the field of health and nutrition, you may be held accountable bodies, responsible for regulating public education on this subject and are faced with legal issues.

You should not in any case claim or represent itself as something that you will not, if you are going to provide reliable information about health.

If you are distributing health boards and health, you need to clearly understand what your education and experience, and be very attentive to the legal issues relating to any advice that you give.

Where you work with a professional company for the development of web can help steer you in the right direction and ensure that you do not publish anything that might cause problems with the law in the conduct of your business. Consultation with a lawyer who is well versed in these matters, would also be very smart.



This "green" focus making North Carolina the best place to move or resignation


“Reuse and recycling” became a popular phrase that shows our growing concern and commitment as a nation to find the best ways to be environmental leaders, and North Carolina – this is one place that covers the green trend and practice of green building.
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General principles of “green building”, established by the leadership of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) in the division Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), consist of four major areas:

  1. energy efficiency
  2. water efficiency
  3. the use of recycled or sustainable building materials
  4. healthy quality of indoor environment

North Carolina ensures that all these areas are working in construction projects across the country.
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Projects “Green Building” in North Carolina impressively include all that relates to projects such as:

  1. Eco-boarding College Warren Wilson near Asheville, North Korea
  2. Repair of an abandoned building in which are now the architects Brown and Jones in Raleigh, North Korea;
  3. Driven into the earth wall and radiant heating system in the residence Philips Pitsbora, North Korea.

North Carolina Sur & # 39; ozna refers to the practice of green building, and does not limit its commitment to large enterprises, schools and private residences. In fact, in 1998, North Carolina has committed to become a leader on environmental surveillance. This commitment has kept the taxpayers’ money through green practices. In addition, North Carolina “azelyanela” all state government buildings.
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We are in “Revenge of the values” encompassed a variety of ways, when North Carolina passed green trends and environmental management, in particular the practice of “green building”.
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For those who are interested in “green”, follow the direction of the North Carolina and yet find out the best place to move or retire to North Carolina is now ten steps to the green house and a green lifestyle.

  1. Recycle and reuse: Get involved in your local recycling program and to prioritize the purchase of recycled products.
  2. turn it off: Turn off the lights or appliances that should not be included.
  3. Get out: Spend less time driving and more time on the move, running or cycling. Search for a community that will help you to do without a car.
  4. Watch what you eatTry to eat less meat and more local fruits and vegetables; Local farmers will be grateful to you, less energy is consumed, and it’s great.
  5. Consume less water, Especially hot water: switch to the toilets, faucets and showers, and remember that you are using a lot of energy for heating of hot water.
  6. Green building / repairSee what you can do to improve the energy efficiency of the structure of your home, especially government programs to promote energy-efficient construction / repair.
  7. adjust the light: Compact fluorescent bulbs save energy and money.
  8. Plant something: A tree or garden, something green.
  9. Update your technique: Look for more energy-efficient model.
  10. borrowInstead finish buying, think first about the loan.

Let us not forget that when looking for the best place to move or retire to North Carolina, you can save money by going green.

Energy-efficient houses reduce bills, help resell account and combined with the practice of green building to help the environment as a whole.
Analysts have long predicted that the increasing participation of governments and institutional actors in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space shows how relevant industries mature. Galaxy Digital cryptocurrency bank founder Michael Novogratz recently said that further growth of the cryptocurrency bull market will be driven by institutional investors.
Last week we saw some stories of big firms getting more involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, showing the further acceptance and adoption of digital assets and their underlying blockchain technology.



Take a city break in Charlotte, North Carolina


As for the rest at the weekend in the US, many people to conveniently search for the most obvious option: after all, cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami, make excellent holiday and provides guaranteed fun, if you are looking for a short vacation, far from everyday life. However, a break in the city with a difference is important to think outside the box. For example, why not make a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina for a true taste of the rich historical heritage of the Deep South and the United States?
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Whatever you had a city that you are looking for – whether it is a romantic getaway for two, a break from golf with the boys or cultural holiday fun for the whole family & # 39; and – Charlotte can deliver. The main place in the time of the American Revolution, Charlotte was known by many British soldiers as “the uprising’s Nest”, and the long historical heritage is manifested at every step.
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For example, you will still find horse riding and carriage in the city of Charlotte – is evidence of the colonial history of the city and a great way for travelers of all ages to assess Charlotte with an impressive Queen Anne nineteenth century. architecture.
If you plan to vacation in Charlotte, you will find a number of sights and attractions to entertain you. If you are traveling with children, why not visit the Children’s Theater of Charlotte – one of the leading youth theaters in the country? Place the opening (Science Museum and the IMAX theater bathing) and ImaginOn – advanced educational children’s libraries and theaters – are also popular attractions for families.
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And if you are looking for a break from classes in Charlotte, you will find plenty of outdoor botanical and wildlife parks outdoors – you are looking for peace and quiet with your partner, or you & # 39; You want to show your family & # 39; and the wonders of the world.
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Visit the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Botanical garden to try and hum of higher education in the Charlotte, or make a trip to the Carolina Raptor Center – a site dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of birds of prey. And if that is not enough, do not miss the Botanical Garden “Daniel Stowe”, which is located on 111 acres, and Wing Haven Gardens and Bird Sanctuary.
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Charlotte also boasts a variety of cultural highlights, including the Charlotte Comedy Theater, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Afro-American Cultural Center and the historic plantation latte – a former cotton plantation, which now serves as a living history farm. Also, visit the famous museums of the mint, two separate on & # 39; sites that are devoted to the exhibition of fine art, or make a stop at the National Military Park Kings Mountain, the site of a decisive battle in the Revolutionary War.
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In addition, the “Charlotte” boasts a large number of sports teams, including the Caroline Panthers, Charlotte Knights, Eagles Charlotte and Charlotte Bokaty. If you are passionate basketball fans with tickets for the game Charlotte Bobkats, you will find plenty of hotels in Charlotte, North Carolina, providing suitable accommodation. Thus, as long as you’re back in town, make sure you visit a huge number of various attractions of the city – you are sure to find something that will interest you!
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Marvin, North Carolina – A rich history


The rich history of North Carolina’s Marvin has many beautiful and humorous stories. Passed down from generation to generation since the Civil War and ending with the Battle of the pocket watch, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, there are so many stories that affect and white and black community Marvin, and then and now.
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The story of two wealthy white sisters Maggie and Sally Ross, began like any other sisters in Marvinskay Society of North Carolina. They courted the black man, and then his daughter, when she was old enough. These sisters were at that time the governor of cousins, but it does not have neither here nor there.
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The sisters were very good and wanted to give the man and his daughter anything when they passed away, so I wrote the same will and left everything that belongs to them home, their vast wealth, and three of the five pocket watch man and his daughter. Before dying, they built a daughter and her new husband a lovely home for them to live.
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Thus, the first Sally’s sister died in 1909, and then in 1920, Maggie died, leaving a man and his daughter more than eight hectares. land and a big house and all the small houses for the workers. They were the new owners of everything that had sisters.
Of course, all the sisters cousin came out of the woodwork to protest against the will and want their share amounted to 800 acres of land, because they were blood relatives and felt that a man and his daughter did not deserve any part of a house or land.
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The jury believed that the sisters were wrong about the man and his daughter as a family & # 39; and and make it useful, allowing them to keep the house and 800 acres of land, including all cabins and three hours.
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This is just one of the many stories of Marvin, North Carolina. The area is rich on horseback and horses and has been around for many, many years. This bizarre village somewhere in rural areas and up in the suburbs. They managed to get through the line and keep the company close to all who have moved here and live here.

Marvin made a city council, which commissioned the Advisory Council on parks, green roads and recreation, which preserve the character of the countryside will help establish a sense of community, to preserve the natural habitat and provide natural opportunities for recreation Marvin people by creating more green areas parkavanyh . They are designed for people who walk, ride bikes, and hiking.


final section


A few months ago I read an article about the 22-year-old successful young lady who died untimely death in a plane crash. The more I read this article, the stronger was my heart because she had died at the height of its development years. No less dramatic was the fact that she died before writing a book, which he wrote – before you finish the last chapter.

Now your book is written – and you are the author. Every moment that passes, every day that a & # 39 is and disappears, written on your pages. Every word you say, every action you take – forms page by page in your book of life. The way you live and how you treat others, also forms the pages of your book – from cover to cover.

With retrospective possibly the beginning of your books are not written due to errors or unreasonable decisions – but you can finish a bestseller.

You can finish a bestseller, because you are the protagonist and you its current and future actions to control how will prachytatstsa summary sections of your book. You can complete the victory, doing things that I enjoy, and do not take life for granted, or other.

Start a new chapter today – a leader who will give you and others delight to read.

Enjoy on who you are and what you do. Keep writing and live life to the fullest.

How to read your book so far – and – what will your final section?

Copyright Avdryny Jones Bunton 2002 PERAPRYMLENNE this article: Permission is granted to reproduce or distribute this article only in the full & # 39; the scope and subject of recognition of copyright. You can find other articles to choose from at http://www.purposefully-living.com/mailing%20list.htm


Spa vacation weekend in Asheville, North Korea


If you are planning a holiday weekend, why not include some time in the spa to relieve stress and daily grind? Visit to Asheville, North Korea, known as a place for relaxation, rejuvenation and the treatment may be a remedy that you are looking for. Asheville has become a place where thriving alternative medicine, body and other treatments. Eshevil attracted to the culture of healing some of the best massage therapists, chiropractors, Reiki masters, refleksolagav, aromaterapevtav and others.

Realizing that the body, mind and spirit need to take care of, many visitors Eshevil come here seeking relief from physical pain and stress and updates via the spa treatment. Some wonder range of choice and level of experience spa services available in this city of Western North Carolina.

In Asheville has some excellent resorts with different prices for services. In fact, a lot of options, you can call them too much. For visitors who are looking for ideas, I am going to highlight some of my favorite places to find the best of modern spa treatments in Eshevile, using all the latest methods of rejuvenating the body.

Spa Theology

This spa is known for its Eshevil sanatorium world-class treatments. The specialists here use the most modern methods of rejuvenating the body. Enjoy a full body treatment packages, such as purifying clay and tea ritual, a means for Ultra Luxe person or Holy day spas. Or have a massage, and choose certain treatments to add such as soothing aloe wraps or aromatherapy body wrap or exfoliating treatment for legs or body. Heal itself and improve the natural beauty of using these procedures in an elegant and soothing atmosphere.

Spa Village Biltmor

For those who prefer the spa, which offers traditional body treatments, a spa center in the Biltmore Village may be just the right choice. This "day spa for men and women", which offers wax treatments, skin and nails, anti-aging and massage. Spa in Biltmore Village is located in South Eshevile in stores at the gates of Biltmore Estate.

Spa Company Appalachian

Full spa treatments and spa packages are available in the Appalachian spa. This spa also offers mobile services on the site and has a good reputation, which serves Eshevilya area for 10 years. Appalachian Spa Ventures specializes in providing unique styles of massage, such as hot stone and deep tissue massage, and related methods of treatment, including services track, reflexology and aromatherapy. With more than 20 methods of massage, facials, body wraps, treatments for hands and feet, as well as a package of procedures for the pair, Appalachian Spa Ventures – an excellent choice.

Sensitivity Day Spa

Sensitive tranquility – a respected spa with two seats. One is located in the center of Asheville on the street Heywood, 59, and under the Hilton hotel in South Eshevile have one more place. Spa Daysivable – a popular choice among visitors and locals alike. Choose from a variety of massage techniques and reflexology. Or choose a completely natural treatment of body, treatment with wax or nail care. Spa packages, which combine massage with a manicure, pedicure, products for the face and other services are available. Some spa packages take four hours or more, so keep this in mind when booking.

Forwarding the massage services in Asheville

Mobile spas that bring you a massage, there are two services that I trust the good from the past. One – "Mobile Spa" and the second – a massage around the city. Masseurs deliver their tables in a predetermined place. People are getting a massage in the comfort of their hotel room, rental cabins, place of residence or business, and then free to relax.

Visitors have many options for spa services Eshevile, North Korea. They can choose one that fits their budget and their own personal taste. Some spas offer additional types of the body, such as refleksalogiya and rail, while others offer attractive spa packages and traditional spa days, such as facial treatments, body wraps and wax. One thing is certain. If you again set out to pamper yourself, relieve stress, and enhance the beauty, you are sure to find exactly what your looking for in Asheville, North Carolina


Quality public education


In 2004, Forbes magazine ranked Rally, North Carolina public school system Wake County (WCPSS), third in the country, "the best education in the biggest cities." And this is not surprising, because the Greater Raleigh is able to provide excellent learning opportunities for both public and private institutions. WCPSS with & # 39; is a national leader in the education front. The school system has a high level of high school, greater access to educational resources and the availability of housing. All these factors, combined with the amazing programming undoubtedly provide a strong school system.

If you move to a big release, and want to learn about a particular programming WCPSS, read on:

K-12: The person of the year

A devotee of perfection, the Board of Education adopted an ambitious goal. Until the end of this year they intend to up to 95 percent of students WCPSS in age from 3 to 12 classes and reach a level above! Such ambitious goals indicate long-term thinking and focused advice that strives to provide the best education and to ensure the continuation of positive growth.

Parents in this area have a variety of options for education. There are many traditional public schools and many private schools and special schools. WCPSS offers more than 20 programs in the area with 51 magnet school. The award-winning curriculum with a magnet provides creative approaches to teachers for student achievement and meet the different styles and students' learning needs. A magnet school in the region have been particularly recognized by such awards as the prize "Magnet US School" Prize and Prize "magnet school".

Recently, the area was part of a grant of 2.3 million dollars to open a secondary school with the theme of health and life sciences, aimed at the development of students for higher education, and for work in the field of biotechnology and health. Students in these schools will have the opportunity to participate in training programs and have access to the courses of local college and university levels. There are other grant funding, which comes from the "New School" grant for $ 11 million, which will create more than 100 new and reworked secondary schools across the country.

After secondary education: Graduate degree on your door!

University of North Carolina, as one of the highest research universities in the nation – a great example of one of the best options in the middle of training release. This university is BTEC, Gold Training and Training Center on biofabrika "Golden LEAF", which provides training of highly qualified, industry workforce. Dedicated to "Innovation in Action", the NCSU partner with business, industry and government to collectively create innovative products and scientific research.

Regional colleges also offer extensive programs for those who want to undergo a technical or specialized training in specific areas of the workforce.

Joint North Carolina College focused on the preparation of biotechnology to ensure a highly skilled workforce for counting 125 000 inhabitants of the Kingdom of the North, who will be employed in this sector until 2025.

Wake Technical Community College with a & # 39; is a leader in programs of biological and chemical technologies. They also offer a single college lab in college at North Carolina Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology. On the & # 39; being a public leader who provides more than 20% of all industry training offered by colleges in the state, Wake Tech serves as a catalyst for economic growth and development of. This exceptional college helps thousands of businesses with an improved center of a small business and a new program is developed.

It is easy to see why Raleigh, North Carolina, boasts one of the most educated workforces in America. If education is important to you and your family & # 39; and consider the release of North Carolina as a smart option for a secure future.


How to convince people – a lesson convictions the historical piece of paper


Persuasion of people have been around for many years. Sometimes we realize again that this is what we do. Sometimes we use these methods of persuasion subconsciously. Let me tell you a story about how to persuade people using one of the methods called deficit law.

A few years ago in North Carolina surfaced case involving the theft of one very important part of American history. He touched one of the 14 bills designed manually, by order of President George Washington as early as 1789.

One copy of president kept to himself, and the other copies distributed in 13 countries. We are talking about a copy of North Carolina, was stolen some time in 1865. While the whole song sounds like the plot of National Treasure, in fact it happened in real life.

Dealers offered a bill of rights to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia for a whopping $ 4 million and warned the organization not to guard the law. In fact, the dealers even threatened to destroy the Bill of Rights, the police ever got involved.

If the reporting artifact was just an ordinary work of art or something that was every museum, the National Constitutional Center would not pay him much attention. However, dealers know how to convince people to do anything in the situation using the law of scarcity.

Why is the law of belief in deficit

Destruction of product meant forever destroying a very important part of history. There can be 14 Bill of Rights, but only one copy is for North Carolina. deficiency law states that anything that is considered to be limited, it may be more important.

The organization was not the only one, which required the ancient documents. Other buyers all over the world wanted to see this unique parchment of North Carolina. It was a unique item that you certainly do not see every day. National Constitutional Center simply could not let go of it in the hands of private collectors.

How to convince people that enjoy statutory deficit

Although I do not encourage you to use this technique of persuasion negatively example above explains how the law of scarcity. You can use it to influence the people to think or act in a certain way, if you know what buttons to push.

For example, you want to increase its popularity in the football shop. Rather than cut prices to bankruptcy, why do not you start to sell products with a limited edition? Using the law of scarcity, you convince people pay more attention to your store.

Remember: the less resource is perceived, the perceived value of the above.

Customers will be collected in your store and want to have only chosen people. They want to be exclusive and do almost everything, if well enough to hang the bait. If they are rich enough, they even pay twice as much as it should.

If you want to learn to convince people, using the law of scarcity, you have to keep in mind as you create a product or an idea. You have to make sure that others understand how rare your product and how it is sold like hot cakes.

If you re interested in art dealers, who were taken hostage on the Rights of the law, they were eventually arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Despite the fact that the law of the deficit can be an excellent way to convince the National Constitution Center to sit down and take notice, it was not enough to enable the perpetrators to jail.


It grows in Apory, NC – segregation


While watching a show on the "History Channel" recently about the turmoil of the 1960s over the water fountain was an inscription that reads "White Only". It brought back memories of his youth in the 1950s and 1960s.

Growing in eastern North Carolina segregation has become a way of life in the '50s and' 60s. Since this was mainly agriculture, a large percentage of the population was "colored". At that time it was a polite way to refer to blacks as a contra-word "N", which is also widely used. The separation has affected all aspects of life. You know the unwritten rules and do them.

One event that I remember well, there was the funeral of my great-grandfather. Several blacks who worked for him for many years, my grandfather asked if they could go to the funeral. He said yes. When they entered the church, they sat on the back bench. I still remember how people on the next bench got up and moved. When my grandmother died in 1980, a black woman who worked for them, and helped her, sat for many years with family & # 39; it. Different times.

I still remember the signs of the fountains / water coolers in Washington and other cities, designating them "white only" and a few outside seats, marked "Colored Only". It was one of the rules, which I have always considered a bit funny, grandfather worked at the farm. All the people who worked for him, where besides me black. When we went to the field, who worked on a hot day, grandfather brought the water into a glass gallon, and we passed it around, drank from the same pitcher. If you are out of the field, the rules have changed, and you are white, and they pafarbavalisya again.

On all public bathrooms in shops and other places there were signs "White Only". I remember that in the "dime store" on the main streets of Washington, in Washington there was a wooden building, was the inscription "Only color", and I was told that the bathroom for them.

Many department stores have dining areas, but they were only for the "White". You've never seen colored people sitting in them. Usually there was one small corner of the counter, where they were able to place the order "to go", but they could not set while waiting. This is one of the reasons that they have become a & # 39; subject to the early establishment of civil rights.

I remember walking into a movie theater in the theater, and blacks had to be placed in one small section of the rear balcony. This happened after they went into a private entrance that says "Color only" to buy tickets there. It was not unusual, as for bus and train stations, doctors and hospitals have separate entrances and lobby "Colored." Almost all public places and businesses were separated.

If autumn fair came to town in the fall, you've never seen blacks there. During the week-long event was one day destined for the colored people to go, and you're a new not go that day.

All this began to change slowly in the late 1960s, but not without problems. On both sides of the publication have been very vocal in expressing their opinions, right or wrong. When I was about 13 or 14, it was announced in the next school year, high school Aurora will begin partial integration. I remember that it was when the negative talk even became the loudest, even if there was a large KKK rally in the Aurora area. Times have changed, and there is nothing to hinder progress. In the next academic year, the average Aurora school was partially integrated.

Although it was attended by only about 12 black children who came to our school, it happened sur & # 39; oznae change. All the children were in the area of ​​Porter Creek, and I worked with some of them on the farm Big Daddy, but I never found them. I still remember the first day when they come to school, and we all look at them, wondering what would happen especially after they saw all the problems with the integration of on TV. Remembering, you could see the fear in the black kids and white, because our world has changed. In this day and had no issues during the next two years. We were lucky that the changes went smoothly unlike some schools.

Then, in September 1968 it began full integration. High School SW Snowden, which was previously colored school, became an elementary school from 1 to 6. Classes Aurora High School became the high school from 7 to 12. Classes again there is a real problem. The mentality of many people has seen many changes, which were to bring the two sides. Once we have fully integrated, white children become a minority, as for every white student about two black students. It was different.

Even despite the fact that the schools have been integrated into the old faith and the ways in which they are kept. I played basketball in high school team, and we went with all white team to just Craig and I was the only white guy on the team. It made an interesting comment when we were playing in white, in any integrated schools. One of my good friends from school and basketball was Calvin. We are three years playing ball, and became close friends in practice and in school. I never invited him to his house and asked him to go to the reception with my other friends, because in my heart I was due to the fact that this was not done. The old ways are difficult to change, and I look back with remorse and think how ridiculous were those beliefs.

Friend / classmate told me another story about how strong the relationship was then. She was a fan, who lived near the school. Another friend of ours, and the black-haired girl, who was black, did not return to school games, so she could keep an eye on the school steps up to game time, sometimes for several hours. One of my friends have asked my mother if she could come to her to wait, but the mother refused, so worried that the neighbors think. Then a friend of mine would make them a sandwich and went back to school and waited for her on the stairs.

Many would like to forget about it and wipe it with a mind and our history. But still, it's just our history. We must remember our good times and its bad times, but do not dwell on them, but to learn from them. Forgotten or lost history has the ability to repeat, until out of it does not know the truth. It must be remembered about slavery, segregation and abuse of our man. Teach it to our children to make the same mistakes were not allowed again.

This too was part of growing up in North Avraryi.


Discover gold on a wild earth


Wild Earth – is undeveloped land, public or private property. Private ownership of land can not include the right in favor of the land. Think of it this way: In a large metropolitan city can be elevated metro system connecting the railroad tracks subway tunnels network. People and businesses who have land above the underground subway system, do not have it and may not be aware that it is running under their land.

Before you go searching for gold, learn who owns the land, which you are interested and find out who owns the rights to the minerals of this wild land. With gold at $ 1278 / oz (today) do your homework to minimize the time and effort to find a tiny ounce of gold, which will put a lot of money in his pocket. Determine the probability of gold on your target wild land and its status (clean or built into the rock). You will also want to know the gold will come to you, or you have to go for it. The power of nature, e.g., water from a natural source, can lead to the gold surface of wild land. With time running water erodes rock gold, so you can find pure gold in the form of dust or nuggets on the low places in the riverbed. But, if you find gold so understand that he got there, rising natural water which has passed through the gold-bearing minerals (eg quartz).

In the US, most people associate gold with California and Alaska, but do you know about the first discovery of gold in North Carolina (1799)? Some of the most pure gold in the United States today come from North Carolina and northern South Carolina (gold in the veins does not stop at the borders of the states). Start your research on the savage land of gold, studying public directories to find out where are the known ash. Then switch search at the county in these states to find out who owns a wild land and how to reach them. After that you have before you three problems. First, determine how you will look, what kind of equipment you need and where you will sell gold when you find it. Second, contact with land owners and discuss with them truly what you want to do. Seek cooperation. Many land owners turn you back. Fare better than to turn away and learn from what you will be charged with a crime and the confiscation of the gold that you find. With persistence you will find land owners who speak with you. If they are willing to talk to you, come prepared to listen, to talk openly and honestly. Probably, they are interested in something you said, or they would not have talked to you. Probably, the owner of the land will tell you that they do not want their family & # 39; I, animals, water source or appearance of land have been violated, and they do not want to hear loud noises or to receive complaints that you make from your neighbors . Once these details will be worked out on them pleasure, they want to reach a binding agreement with you about how much the value of gold found on their land will be given to them.

Always be patient, honesty and transparency in cooperation with the land owner. Ask for a trial period before you negotiate, so you can determine the gold proof before you invest your time and costs, and offer the owner of the land to be present as often as they like during the search. In this way, you both get to know and love each other. Inform the owner, where you sell the gold that was found on his land, and invite the owner to come with you, if you happen to this happy event (transparency). Transparency leads to trust, which leads to an agreement that can be put on paper, and witness the signing.

Carefully slide a contract before you put it on paper, to present it to the landowner. You say first because you offered to do anything. The owner of the land acts last, because it will not happen if he or she does not agree. If you say, first, state your expenses. Do not leave any costs. Examples include: tools, work clothes, equipment (leased or amartyzavanae, if you own a business equipment), the cost of the work, the cost of housing, food, transportation and any other expenses that you are, because you do not live near the owner & # 39 From the ground. Have a target price of an ounce of gold in the form of a range. You do not know how long you have to work to find the gold, and the price can go up or down. Protect yourself in the transaction if it is significantly reduced. Protect the owner of the land if the price is significantly more expensive.

The simplest agreements are made about who bears the risk. You can agree on the sharing of profits from the sale of gold, which you will find on the wild land, if the land owner agreed to pay half the cost of your search, even if you have no gold. If you take care of all the expenses you have to explain that if all the risk is yours, you can not eat. Claims that 90% of income should come to you, if the owner is not going to do anything but watch, while you are working, and pay nothing if you do not get. Do not be emotional and do not let the land owner to feel emotional when prematurely terminate the negotiations. Just take a break, share a meal, and judge, that should be applied over the test of time to get used to each other; negotiate later. Damovyatsesya as you, be careful, turn on, how do you prove the time, nested owner of the land. This can be as easy as you come to his house before you go in search of gold in the wild land and in the late afternoon. Records of your work should lead the two sides to sign an agreement. This business process will make sense to you and to the owner of land after completion. After the completion of this process is repeated, and you and the owner of the land is likely to build a foundation of trust, communication, friendship. Both of you will be pleased, if you find a wild land.


Stay up with some long-distance & # 39; it with the satellite Internet


People who grow up in North Carolina, as a rule, are geographically mobile. Many will be able to go to some of the great universities of North Carolina, such as the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Duke. But then many of the & # 39; go out of state to continue their car & # 39; a career, go explore the world and to travel or go for loved ones across the country and around the world. This means that many of the seven & # 39; and North Carolina have to maintain a long distance relationship with your loved ones, whether they like it or not! But, fortunately, in the era of satellite Internet to make it easier than ever. There are so many electronic and digital means of communication at a distance that suddenly felt 1,000 miles 100. Here are a few of the best ways to communicate with loved ones via satellite internet.

1. Use the video-sharing messaging services

One of the greatest inventions of the era of satellite Internet – a video-sharing messaging services such as Skype and Gchat video. Users can connect with people and to see them face to face, as well as business video conferencing, which you may be familiar with the movie! But now, all you need is a computer & # 39; yuter with microphone (almost all computers in the day, complete with microphone) and a webcam, and you are well! This can create a more intimate conversation, almost as if you were sitting across from each other and talking face to face.

2. E-mail, e-mail, e-mail!

This is one of the fastest ways to communicate with loved ones via satellite Internet. If you have idle time at work or if you raskruchvaetsesya at the end of the day before going to bed, you can simply release a few thoughts on the distant family member & # 39; and, updating him or her with their accidents. life. Or if you prefer, you can make a longer and more detailed correspondence. It depends on you!

3. Join a website for sharing images

There are endless ways to share photos online, and you would be wise to take advantage of at least one of them. Social networking sites like Facebook, allow users to post photos to all your friends. But if you are wary of the publication of this information for many people, there are other web sites that you can use. For example, your child can place his newborn daughter album, and then invite selected people to view it via email.

4. Instant message your loved ones!

Instant messages were once just the origin of teenagers who want to keep up with their school friends in the evening, rather than focusing on homework. But now it has become the basis for satellite Internet users of all stripes. It is a reliable, fast and free way to communicate with people over long distances. The only drawback with the & # 39; is, if your typing skills are less than stellar. You may find that the amount of time you need to get out of your mind, can be a bit frustrating!


What you need to know about the increase in the number of cases of traffic in South Carolina


In response to a recent report issued Karolinska South highway-patrol, there was an increase in the number of traffic victims in South Carolina. In South Carolina there is a huge increase in mortality of 25%, caused by a car accident.

According to the National Safety Council, the number of road deaths in the US from 2014 to 2016 increased by 18 percent. However, in South Carolina, there is an increase of 25 percent. In North Carolina, for the same two-year terms of their number had risen to 26 percent.

More traffic increase of abstract terms and bad road conditions lead to an increase in the incidence of traffic throughout South Carolina. Remember that death in a traffic accident easily be called "death", which is a & # 39 is a generic term. But imagine if this was your loved one or a close friend who was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident. Death as a result of the automatic destruction – an unnecessary tragedy. We must all remember that this is not just a "fatality"; in fact, it is the loss of a man – the loss of a father, mother, son or daughter, brother or sister – in the current is prevented. As a lawyer for car accident I watch car wreck affect the lives of real people in our community. And it's a terrible, terrible tragedy praduhilyaemaya.

What are the reasons for such high statistics? The Target Zero program discusses the goal of South Carolina – the elimination of deaths related to traffic, to zero. One such factor with 39 & # is an increase in traffic due to tourism. Let it be, if we talk in our beautiful parks or in their fabulous food, over the past couple of years, our state, especially Upstate, I received a lot of positive media attention. This has led to an increase in visitors.

Another factor which contributes to the increase of the traffic may be associated with the migration of people. In 2015, in South Carolina 2.5 percent reduction in the number of registrations and 2 per cent increase in the number of driving licenses.

With the high level of traffic on the roadways, it will certainly be more traffic accidents. However, there are other causes of debris. Distracted driving, dormant driving and drunk driving is still a & # 39 car crashes are the factors associated with mortality.

Thus, be safe and be the protection of the driver. And follow this simple advice: slow speed. Give a great distance between the car and the other cars. Take off your mobile or smartphone. Keep an eye on the road. Using both hands, hold the steering wheel. Never drink, not to lead and not lead until tired. Treat safe driving suras & # 39; ozna.