Marvin, North Carolina – A rich history

The rich history of North Carolina’s Marvin has many beautiful and humorous stories. Passed down from generation to generation since the Civil War and ending with the Battle of the pocket watch, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, there are so many stories that affect and white and black community Marvin, and then and now.
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The story of two wealthy white sisters Maggie and Sally Ross, began like any other sisters in Marvinskay Society of North Carolina. They courted the black man, and then his daughter, when she was old enough. These sisters were at that time the governor of cousins, but it does not have neither here nor there.
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The sisters were very good and wanted to give the man and his daughter anything when they passed away, so I wrote the same will and left everything that belongs to them home, their vast wealth, and three of the five pocket watch man and his daughter. Before dying, they built a daughter and her new husband a lovely home for them to live.
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Thus, the first Sally’s sister died in 1909, and then in 1920, Maggie died, leaving a man and his daughter more than eight hectares. land and a big house and all the small houses for the workers. They were the new owners of everything that had sisters.
Of course, all the sisters cousin came out of the woodwork to protest against the will and want their share amounted to 800 acres of land, because they were blood relatives and felt that a man and his daughter did not deserve any part of a house or land.
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The jury believed that the sisters were wrong about the man and his daughter as a family & # 39; and and make it useful, allowing them to keep the house and 800 acres of land, including all cabins and three hours.
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This is just one of the many stories of Marvin, North Carolina. The area is rich on horseback and horses and has been around for many, many years. This bizarre village somewhere in rural areas and up in the suburbs. They managed to get through the line and keep the company close to all who have moved here and live here.

Marvin made a city council, which commissioned the Advisory Council on parks, green roads and recreation, which preserve the character of the countryside will help establish a sense of community, to preserve the natural habitat and provide natural opportunities for recreation Marvin people by creating more green areas parkavanyh . They are designed for people who walk, ride bikes, and hiking.