How to convince people – a lesson convictions the historical piece of paper


Persuasion of people have been around for many years. Sometimes we realize again that this is what we do. Sometimes we use these methods of persuasion subconsciously. Let me tell you a story about how to persuade people using one of the methods called deficit law.

A few years ago in North Carolina surfaced case involving the theft of one very important part of American history. He touched one of the 14 bills designed manually, by order of President George Washington as early as 1789.

One copy of president kept to himself, and the other copies distributed in 13 countries. We are talking about a copy of North Carolina, was stolen some time in 1865. While the whole song sounds like the plot of National Treasure, in fact it happened in real life.

Dealers offered a bill of rights to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia for a whopping $ 4 million and warned the organization not to guard the law. In fact, the dealers even threatened to destroy the Bill of Rights, the police ever got involved.

If the reporting artifact was just an ordinary work of art or something that was every museum, the National Constitutional Center would not pay him much attention. However, dealers know how to convince people to do anything in the situation using the law of scarcity.

Why is the law of belief in deficit

Destruction of product meant forever destroying a very important part of history. There can be 14 Bill of Rights, but only one copy is for North Carolina. deficiency law states that anything that is considered to be limited, it may be more important.

The organization was not the only one, which required the ancient documents. Other buyers all over the world wanted to see this unique parchment of North Carolina. It was a unique item that you certainly do not see every day. National Constitutional Center simply could not let go of it in the hands of private collectors.

How to convince people that enjoy statutory deficit

Although I do not encourage you to use this technique of persuasion negatively example above explains how the law of scarcity. You can use it to influence the people to think or act in a certain way, if you know what buttons to push.

For example, you want to increase its popularity in the football shop. Rather than cut prices to bankruptcy, why do not you start to sell products with a limited edition? Using the law of scarcity, you convince people pay more attention to your store.

Remember: the less resource is perceived, the perceived value of the above.

Customers will be collected in your store and want to have only chosen people. They want to be exclusive and do almost everything, if well enough to hang the bait. If they are rich enough, they even pay twice as much as it should.

If you want to learn to convince people, using the law of scarcity, you have to keep in mind as you create a product or an idea. You have to make sure that others understand how rare your product and how it is sold like hot cakes.

If you re interested in art dealers, who were taken hostage on the Rights of the law, they were eventually arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Despite the fact that the law of the deficit can be an excellent way to convince the National Constitution Center to sit down and take notice, it was not enough to enable the perpetrators to jail.