Quality public education


In 2004, Forbes magazine ranked Rally, North Carolina public school system Wake County (WCPSS), third in the country, "the best education in the biggest cities." And this is not surprising, because the Greater Raleigh is able to provide excellent learning opportunities for both public and private institutions. WCPSS with & # 39; is a national leader in the education front. The school system has a high level of high school, greater access to educational resources and the availability of housing. All these factors, combined with the amazing programming undoubtedly provide a strong school system.

If you move to a big release, and want to learn about a particular programming WCPSS, read on:

K-12: The person of the year

A devotee of perfection, the Board of Education adopted an ambitious goal. Until the end of this year they intend to up to 95 percent of students WCPSS in age from 3 to 12 classes and reach a level above! Such ambitious goals indicate long-term thinking and focused advice that strives to provide the best education and to ensure the continuation of positive growth.

Parents in this area have a variety of options for education. There are many traditional public schools and many private schools and special schools. WCPSS offers more than 20 programs in the area with 51 magnet school. The award-winning curriculum with a magnet provides creative approaches to teachers for student achievement and meet the different styles and students' learning needs. A magnet school in the region have been particularly recognized by such awards as the prize "Magnet US School" Prize and Prize "magnet school".

Recently, the area was part of a grant of 2.3 million dollars to open a secondary school with the theme of health and life sciences, aimed at the development of students for higher education, and for work in the field of biotechnology and health. Students in these schools will have the opportunity to participate in training programs and have access to the courses of local college and university levels. There are other grant funding, which comes from the "New School" grant for $ 11 million, which will create more than 100 new and reworked secondary schools across the country.

After secondary education: Graduate degree on your door!

University of North Carolina, as one of the highest research universities in the nation – a great example of one of the best options in the middle of training release. This university is BTEC, Gold Training and Training Center on biofabrika "Golden LEAF", which provides training of highly qualified, industry workforce. Dedicated to "Innovation in Action", the NCSU partner with business, industry and government to collectively create innovative products and scientific research.

Regional colleges also offer extensive programs for those who want to undergo a technical or specialized training in specific areas of the workforce.

Joint North Carolina College focused on the preparation of biotechnology to ensure a highly skilled workforce for counting 125 000 inhabitants of the Kingdom of the North, who will be employed in this sector until 2025.

Wake Technical Community College with a & # 39; is a leader in programs of biological and chemical technologies. They also offer a single college lab in college at North Carolina Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology. On the & # 39; being a public leader who provides more than 20% of all industry training offered by colleges in the state, Wake Tech serves as a catalyst for economic growth and development of. This exceptional college helps thousands of businesses with an improved center of a small business and a new program is developed.

It is easy to see why Raleigh, North Carolina, boasts one of the most educated workforces in America. If education is important to you and your family & # 39; and consider the release of North Carolina as a smart option for a secure future.