The course: The law on the rehabilitation and health


If the consultations on health issues with the & # 39 are legally responsible
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One thing that the Internet is notorious as a & # 39 is the source of hits to our health and well-being.

No matter where we turn, there is someone with a web site that tells us what to do to lose weight, slow aging and treat our illnesses.
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We all do it. We do not feel well, so we enter their symptoms “Google Doctor” and voila, thousands of results tell us that we have everything from the common cold to 6 months. Then we take the results of our physician’s hands and tell him that we have.
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Unfortunately, the health care industry professionals, doctors, therapists, nutritionists and dieticians all day fighting the misinformation provided by the Internet.
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If you are a blogger and have experience of health, you can share this information with the world.
Or you can be a professional who has some education on specific issues related to health, and want to use this information to enhance your online business.

In any case, you should be very careful to follow the rules when it comes to providing information and advice to mass sites about health and health.

Legal responsibility for the provision of services related to health
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So, what are the legal issues for medical counseling and coaching business in the provision of health information on the web site?

In recent years, the Internet was more than a few trials have resulted from sharing on health and diet tips with others.

In a recent trial in North Carolina blogger he has changed his life and had experience in dealing with type 1 diabetes using diet Paleo. He discussed their efforts, and when he succeeded, he took a step forward and began to share plans and modes of supply.
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He eventually began to offer one-on-one session to advise its readers on how to experience it for a fee.

In North Carolina there is a law on the rules, which makes it illegal to exercise dyetyki and power without a license. This blogger was before the & # 39; revealed by the charge of violation of the law, and North Carolina Diet / nutrition now threatens him with jail.

Rules and regulations of governing bodies

When providing information on health and on the Internet, you should ensure that you follow all the rules.

Each governing body has certain rules about what information you can and can not advise the public about their health.

In Canada and the United States have their own federal laws, and then each province and state also have their own separate laws.
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If you are going to provide information, then you should look for these laws depending on where you live and where to work. And to make a step forward, you will need to consider the audience that you are targeting.

If you provide information on its web site related to health, we can properly ask you satisfied with certain personal health situation. Blogger of the trial in North Carolina did everything well, giving his personal experience with the diet Paleo.

His proposals on schemes of physical exercises or to provide his personal diet plans on its website on health and nutrition may be in order with the law, but as soon as he began to consult privately with people and give advice, he could not share personal experiences and got in the sphere of medical expertise in the area where it has not received the legal certification.

Remember that one of the opinions, health-related, or talk about your specific experience, but if you apply for it to be an expert in anything on their website in the field of health and nutrition, you may be held accountable bodies, responsible for regulating public education on this subject and are faced with legal issues.

You should not in any case claim or represent itself as something that you will not, if you are going to provide reliable information about health.

If you are distributing health boards and health, you need to clearly understand what your education and experience, and be very attentive to the legal issues relating to any advice that you give.

Where you work with a professional company for the development of web can help steer you in the right direction and ensure that you do not publish anything that might cause problems with the law in the conduct of your business. Consultation with a lawyer who is well versed in these matters, would also be very smart.