Taking a commercial show on a plane: The basics of air cargo packing for each type of trade show booth

Air travel is the most common form of transportation for remote conferences and exhibitions, and for good reason: it is fast and efficient, and is one of the safest transportation available. For humans, staying safe on a plane is a simple task. You can simply sit in your chair and enjoy a full trip with refreshments and staff to help you enjoy your flight. For the trade show booth, taking a fun trip takes a little more. Many companies choose to bring their own trade fairs shows on board, and be able to enjoy a high degree of certainty of their suite arrival time at a lower cost. At the same time, many are unaware that trade fair fairs traveling on a plane must be carefully packed and protected. If the roundabout is properly traveled, an airline flight can be a great way to move your unit across the country – but the turn around is critical.

Two different ways to send your commercial booth on a plane

If you have traveled on a plane before, you know that there are two main types of cargo: carry bags and checked bags. The balls are limited in size and number, but they are brought on board with you and can stay with you (and perhaps at your location, if you like) throughout the flight. On the other hand, the checked baggage has less restrictions on their size, as well as more liberal restrictions on how much each passenger can check. You might end up paying a nominal fee ($ 50 or so) for the checked baggage, but it's usually cheaper than shipping your unit.

Carryon's luggage is usually just as safe as if you were packed with your trade shows in a car. It is very difficult for them to suffer damage, even if packed in a light carrying case. The checked baggage is difficult to protect since airline baggage handlers are harsh with these bags. While your bag may have limited protection options, your galleries may be more suitable for these extreme conditions. You simply need to be prepared to invest in the necessary equipment.

Carrying cases dedicated to displaying trade fairs

The best protection option is a custom fit carry case. This case will be crush resistant, giving your trade shows maximum protection from damage from other luggage and from any accidents during handling. Inside, the enclosure should safely protect your booth elements from hitting each other, preferably with foam or some other impact-resistant agent. These cases are not cheap, but they will serve you well for future trips and any future shipments, if necessary.

Inexpensive airfare for trade shows

Although you have to buy a bag for your unit, you will still likely find that sending it on a plane is less expensive than sending it via a conventional shipping option. Simply make sure your case has the right dimensions to fit either as a small carry or as registered bags. Banners are usually the only units small enough to fit as carriers, but exact dimensions must always be confirmed before traveling. With a sturdy bag and a good plan, you'll be able to enjoy the friendly sky with your unit safely in the clouds.