How long does it take to wash a small Cessna – cleaning the 101 plane

Many people are still unemployed, and the other day when I was in Wichita, KS noticed that the capital of the general aviation industry in the world was very badly hurt. When discussing this with a local Starbucks there, he mentioned that he had been laid off for some time. It seems that President Obama has made some humiliating remarks about CEOs roaming corporate jets, and literally, corporate jet sales have been used in much worse condition than before, and corporate jetliners have stopped just like hitting a brick wall.

"We have talked, and most of us are talking about hangars, planes and flying stories," he said, adding that he would like to start a commercial aviation business, but he did not know what to do. Since then, I have built a nice aircraft cleaning company. "How long does it take to wash a small Cessna plane, or a similar plane?"

Good question and my answer was this. For external washing, one person with a 5.0 hp pressure washer can clean and remove errors, clean the windshield and reduce the size of the C-152 belly in about 15-20 minutes if washed weekly. Corvallis is a few minutes faster because it is low wing, but not much faster because it is four seats.

For interiors, it is important if it is a private owner's plane or rental. The interior design of Flight and Clubs School and FBO is taking longer due to the number of flights and people who do not own the plane that flies. Private owners very quickly, since you can use the portable dust removal tool quickly, wipe the dashboard, customize the dashboard and pump spray bottle doors, interior plastic, leather and vinyl.

In fact, I'd like to say 5 minutes, a little longer than a car due to the narrow quarters and the difficulty of moving around. Add an additional five minutes to a flying school plane, as it is really messy, especially as food gets in between seat tracks and stuff like that.

The big money in plane cleaning is actually the corporate jet market, but until things get a lot better, I mentioned that he will have a lot of difficulty with that. But he can still provide good details on light aircraft, and the functions of single-engine engines, as not all plane owners have been in hard times, and it really depends on the source of their money and the type of work they are working on. “Washing planes is hard work,” I said, “Make no mistake.” If you are considering starting a plane cleaning service, you might consider all of this.