Use plane simulators and sim sim games to train pilots

Most of us absolutely love the computer that there is not much we can learn and do with these great devices. One of the most unrecognized areas is the ability to use a flight simulator directly from your home.

Many people will spend hours playing games that involve flight simulator simulation, but it raises the question of whether you have to decide to become a leader, will this game be useful for you in your learning? Technology also offers that, is this computer flight simulator. It is made to be as authentic as possible. Indeed, flying schools use simulation programs as part of their training, but their programs are different from the ones we are talking about here.

Most pilots believe that these flight simulators will not be useful to you in your actual training. In fact, some of them feel developing bad habits from them. After all, if you make a mistake in the simulator, it will start over. You may not have this chance in the air. So they may build a false sense of security.

Most likely, there was no controlled study on this topic, so there is no way to prove any theory. Perhaps in this case, it would be wise to use simulators because they are designed for games and entertainment. Keeping it in perspective may not be harmful to your aeronautical studies and advance in appropriate technologies.

This simulation may be useful during ground training to assist your teaching materials. Being able to see something referred to is often better than having to visualize it. A word of warning though flight simulators can become addicted. It seems that people spend hours at a time on them. You don't want to outperform your book and material studies, so judge yourself accordingly if you've decided to use a book.

Another way to gain some insight into the effectiveness of these flight simulators is to make a comparison with the software used in flying schools. Obviously, those obtained from schools are well accepted as the hours you spend on them are allowed in your record book. Compare the two and see what the differences are. You may find answers to any questions you have regarding the harm that computer simulators can do.

One of the things that has been noticed is that using a flight simulator on a computer may not make you a better experience, but being a pilot makes you a premium flight simulator operator. In any case, once you become a pilot if you don't have the opportunity to travel the way you want, a computer flight simulator will go a long way in preserving your interests. The conclusion is trying to determine the answer for you. Maybe you can discuss it with your school. You can even approach the FAA and see what their views are. If they do not agree with flight simulators on the computer, they will tell you why.